Williams Bay Lutheran Church Congregation

The Mission Statement of this congregation is to:

    • PRAISE God.
    • PROCLAIM the message of Jesus Christ.
    • REACH OUT with this message to people of all backgrounds and cultures.
    • CREATE A COMMUNITY of Christian support, love, and forgiveness.

This mission is then detailed in the following objectives:

We will carry out this mission by

  • Providing inspirational worship services and preaching.
  • Developing skillful ministry to children and youths.
  • Establishing effective evangelism and outreach.
  • Working in and leading community activities.
  • Utilizing special congregation gifts in music and in many other areas to enhance worship and spiritual leadership.
  • Leading our lives as men and women of God with acts of kindness, charity, thanksgiving, and forgiveness.

Finally, the following goals have been the three top mission priorities for us:

  1. Increased thrust on ministry to the youth of our congregation and in the larger community.
  2.  Physical plant improvements that make our church more open to handicapped, elderly, and people with special needs, while enhancing first-floor areas for restroom facilities and areas for fellowship and reception.
  3. Build on an already strong foundation of the church community, worship depth and opportunity, education outreach, and musical celebration and thanksgiving.

These are our COMMON GOALS as a congregation.  How have you been, and how can you be a part of this mission?  What goals might you add to the list?  In what ways can we continue to work together to fulfill our mission?  What accomplishments can we celebrate?