To help you with your visit to our church, we have assembled a few tips to help you enjoy your time with us.

    • Come dressed comfortably and just as you are. Our church does not have a preference for dress codes of any kind – don’t be surprised to see church leaders come dressed in t-shirts and shorts!
    • Participate and engage as much or as little as you want. We believe that everyone who comes into church service comes with different life experiences and expectations of God, Jesus, and the Church. We believe that these experiences and expectations are part of a longer, greater journey.
    • Welcome children and babies. Jesus commanded us to “Let the little children come to [Him]. Do not stop them. The holy nation of heaven is made up of ones like these” (Matthew 19:14). We firmly believe that babies and children are a very welcome part of our service and have made the appropriate space for them. So, don’t worry – an occasional cry or laughter is considered a normal part of service! We hope that you will also make space in your heart for the babies and children of WBLC.