May 10 – Faith in Jesus

Posted on May 11, 2020

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May 10 – Faith in Jesus

Sometimes I feel now as if I am living in the movie, Groundhog Day.

In that classic comedy movie Bill Murray lives the same day every day.

That same day in the movie is Groundhog Day.

Each and every day Bill Murray, who plays the weatherman Phil Connors relives the exact same day.

In our lives right now, we may feel the same way.

We cannot make the same kinds of plans and choices as we were once able to do… and so life can feel repetitive and one day can blur into the next.

This can cause us to feel anxious, to have less energy, and even to feel a loss of purpose.

Because I have found this to be true in my own life, I have found our weekly pattern of worship to take on some new meaning for me.

Our time together at 9:30 am every Sunday has helped to mark time for us.

Our Sunday worship has reminded us of God’s hand upon us during this time.

For Christians Sunday is the first day of the week.

It is the day on which Jesus rose from the dead.

This one special, holy day sets the rhythm and the flow of time for us.

No longer does one day simply blur into the next.

No more does one day blend into the next day.

Sunday begins our week and the days that follow Sunday are set in motion from this one day.

This is the case when life is normal but certainly now how important it is to let our moments and our days to flow from this one holy day.

We know that this is true.

Over the years I cannot tell you how many times people have shared with me how important the rhythm and pattern of Sunday worship helps them to mark time.

Sunday worship helps to set the agenda and the course of the coming week.

And these same people tell me that when they miss Sunday worship their coming week is thrown off.

Without Sunday worship Sunday does not feel like Sunday.

Our weekly worship strengthens our faith in Jesus.

For the first followers of Jesus they had to figure out how to continue believing in their Lord when he was no longer physically present in their midst.

After Jesus rose from the dead and then ascended into heaven the disciples and the first followers of Jesus had to determine how to have faith in someone they could no longer see.

It was in the gatherings of those disciples and the first followers of Jesus coming together for regular worship that their faith in Jesus was sustained and built up.

They reminded each other of God’s promises and what Jesus taught them.

In today’s Gospel reading we receive many important teachings from Jesus that strengthens our faith.

God comforts our troubled hearts.

Jesus prepares a place for us in God’s house.

Jesus shows us the way, speaks truth to us, and gives us life.

Jesus is one with God and through Jesus we are one with God.

In Christ we have a great hope which is life after death.

Jesus is our savior and we have a close intimate relationship with him.

We are given gifts to do good, healing work in this world.

And we can come to Jesus regularly and often in prayer knowing that he hears and listens to us.

Our faith in Jesus empowers us to live our days and our weeks for the glory of God.

Our weekly gathering on Sunday mornings sets the tone and the drive to live out our faith during the week.

Sunday worship marks our time and sets in motion the purpose for which we live lives of faith.

In the end our days are not meaningless, pointless hours that blur from one moment to the next.

Rather, our time which comes as a gift from God, is filled with purpose and our moments are filled with wonder and beauty in the work of God -God whose work and creativity is found all around us and in us.

In the movie Groundhog Day Phil Connors was able to break the pattern of reliving every day when he was able to find meaning and purpose in his life.

When this happened, he was able to break free and move onto the next day.

In a similar way when we live by faith, we find our days and our time marked by God’s gracious hand and we live transformed and changed.

Living by faith in Jesus gives us hope, meaning, and a chance at new beginnings.

People of God, do not let your hearts to be troubled believe in God and believe also in Jesus.

It is through our faith in Jesus where we can find the strength to get through this time and discover once again that God was with us all the time.

God marking our days giving us purpose even now.

This coming week listen carefully to how the Holy Spirit is speaking to you helping you to live this time with grace and with understanding.

We can do this with God’s help.

May the Holy Spirit rest upon us this week, may the breath of God restore our souls, and may Jesus’ unfailing love fill our hearts so that our time and our days would be filled with hope.


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