March 15 – Living Water

Posted on March 16, 2020

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March 15 – Living Water

Sometime ago I picked up a book with the title:

Your way to Personal Transformation.

Kalen noticed me reading the book one day and she asked me what I was reading.

I showed her the book with its title.

I was excited to speak to her about the book.

I shared with her all that I was learning from the book and all the great ideas found in the book.

After sharing this, she looked at me with a confused look on her face.

Then she said to me,

Ok, I hear what you are saying but this is not the first time I’ve seen you reading a book on personal transformation.

Tom, you have read these kinds of books before.

And why haven’t I seen any of this personal transformation in you these past years?”

Sometimes those who we are the closest to can most clearly give to us the plain truth.

As followers of Jesus, we believe that the kind of change and spiritual transformation that God requires of us can only come about through a living, growing relationship with Jesus who gives to us living water.

It cannot and does not come through our own efforts.

Rather it comes by grace as the Holy Spirit works within us.

The effort and the intentionality to do better and to become a better person comes only after we have been blessed by grace.

In the Bible the woman at the well near Sychar had a transformative, spiritual experience with Jesus.

She had an encounter with Jesus that changed her.

In her conversation with him she felt the need to ask what it means to receive living water.

And so she responded to Jesus with,

“Sir, give to me this water, so that I may never be thirsty again.”

In the Bible often significant encounters happen at the well.

When you read the Bible pay attention to encounters that happen at the well.

In the Bible the well was a meeting place similar to a coffee shop in today’s world.

The well was also seen as being symbolic of God’s divine life-giving presence in the world.

Water gives life so too does God give life.

Water gives life to creation and sustains creation so too does God give life and God sustains creation.

Jesus met with and spoke to the woman at the well.

He offered her living water which would give her a spiritual rebirth.

This living water which she would find in Jesus would forever change her.

In fact, because of her testimony many Samaritans come to believe in Jesus.

Today in our day to day lives is this possible for us?

Is it possible to receive this living water from our Lord?

Is it possible to receive this living water and to be forever changed?

The truth is that new life and new spiritual life is a gift that God.

It is a gift that God wants to give to us in the present moment.

Right now.

It is always available.

Jesus is always ready to give us this water in the here and now.

Jesus who is the source of living water, he is here with us and for us.

The life that God wants to give to us is always for us now.

Last Sunday in my sermon I spoke about how Jesus did not come into this world to condemn the world.

He came so that through him the world might be saved.

He came so that through him God’s people would have life.

Jesus gives life to those who look to him and believe in him.

This new life is certainly the promise of eternal life.

But it is also real life here and now as we walk with Jesus in faith.

How do we understand and live out this new life that God gives to us right now?

How do we receive living water right now?

It begins for us as the Holy Spirit reaches down to us to ignite our faith.

It is a gift of grace that Jesus freely gives to us just as he freely offered this grace to the women at the well.

Here is the main take way that I would like to leave you all with from today’s Bible reading.

Jesus meets us and begins to do his work in our hearts right where we are at as a gift of grace.

Jesus met the woman at the well.

She had many questions and did not understand who this Jesus was.

Jesus accepted her just as she was and then invited her to receive him.

As followers of Jesus can we do the same thing?

Can we accept people just as they are?

And then can we invite them into either deeper discipleship with our Lord or to come to Jesus for the first time?

I want everyone to really think about that.

In life we are often quicker to judge other person than to accept other person.

Can we show true grace to other people and then help others to grow in faith?

Some people may not listen but some will.

And for those who will listen are we able to walk with them until they too know the Lord.

Can we help others to grow even deeper in discipleship and faith?

These are trying days.

Uncertainty and confusion can distort rational thought.

We need the guidance and comfort that comes from Jesus.

We need his life-giving water.

May we receive this water and then may we tell others about this life-giving water.

Jesus brings about true transformation within a person’s heart and Jesus awakens within us true spiritual renewal.

We don’t need a book or some fancy idea from a television teacher.

We need Jesus and his life-giving water.


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