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Holy Communion Message

An Important Announcement from Pastor Tom on the Sacrament of Holy Communion – At the beginning of the pandemic no one could have predicted how long this would last.  After much thought, prayer, reflection, and conversation with colleagues (including the Synod Bishop) I have come to a new understanding on how to distribute Holy Communion during the pandemic.  No longer should those of you who choose to worship at home need to fast from the Lord’s Supper.  The Lord’s Supper is a gift to receive as often as we are able.  With this in mind, if you feel so moved by the Spirit, you may prepare, before worship, the Holy Communion meal at your home.

On Sunday morning gather together the elements of bread and wine or grape juice immediately before the 9:30 service.  You may also like to put out a cross by the elements.  Have the elements nearby as I offer the Words of Institution right after I say the offering prayer.  Then you may eat and drink the Lord’s Supper from your home.  In this way, by faith, we are still one body in the Lord even when worshiping from different places.

This is a huge change in the use and practice of Holy Communion but it is still faithful to our Lord, when we handle the elements with reverence.  Come, and receive Holy Communion this coming Sunday either from the church building or from home and receive this great gift of salvation for our sins.  By faith we believe in the presence of our Lord in the meal.

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